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Audiovisual Performance & Party

Thursday, November 12th 2015 FROM h

The DokfestLounge is not only the location for audiovisual performances by international artists, VJs and DJs but also the nocturnal meeting point for our guests after 10.30 pm.

  • Admission: €3,00
  • (Free for festival pass holders and accredited guests)

The Audiovisual Breakthrough (Performance)

Cornelia Lund & Eva-Maria Offermann

Visual music, expanded cinema, live cinema, VJing, live audiovisual performance – concepts enough to create some confusion in the wide realm of today’s artistic audiovisual production. This is where The Audiovisual Breakthrough comes in: the book is the result of a collaborative project that brought together six international researchers with the view to untangle the reigning confusion regarding these terms. The event presents the book and its design; the discursive concepts are introduced by rich video examples.

Vakuum - Soundtronic (Performance)

Soundronic's performances always offer a specific audiovisual immersion to the viewer. His latest project, VAKUUM, is maybe his most conceptual work, using geometric shapes and colors which react fast to pure sound frequencies and unusual rhythmic patterns. A stimulating and challenging performance for all our senses.

Michael Baumann (VJ)

The Cologne-based composer Michael Baumann is with his flickering ATARI-programs an institution in the live visual scene. Already in the times when pixels were still purchased per piece, he was working in a photographic way and was producing his clips in a panorama format. With his live sets on facades and installations, he newly follows his passion for spatial experiences. He creates also stage design for concerts with his project Oktoskop, and his interactive video sculpture NEGUA was awarded with the Bloom Award at the Art.Fair Cologne 2015.

Open VJ-Stage (VJ)

We invite all external or local artists, filmmakers and visitors of the festival, to showcase their VJ-sets, remixing their festival films or playing together, interactive and simultaneously on the separate screens of the location. Let's be together behind the midi controllers and all the buttons! For the Open Stage just bring your notebook or analogue mixer and register yourself on the playlist directly in the evening.


Mo Chan (DJ)

Years ago Kassel Dokfest met and fell in love with Mo as a VJ and her enjoyable and imaginative animations. As Mo Chan, she will shake our legs with her particular music style, ranging from Japan Pop to other exotic surprises.

icy gee (DJ)

Past, present and future; Old Wave, Indie Newskool, Psychedelic Neo-Soul, Cold Pop, Cosmic Dance Rock, Tropical Synth-Beats and Retro-Future Rythms. Icy gee digs for you in the record box. DoIlike to dance? Of course.