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Thursday, November 12th 2015 AT 10:45 h, Filmladen
Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

Like many others a poor crowded Kurdish family arrives from Batman to Ankara to work on the fields every year. Without any benefits and with very low wages, the family works to gain a living by cultivating lettuce. The docudrama follows their live for one season and also narrates the process of lettuce coming from the fields to dinner tables. It reveals that so many stories and so much labor stand behind the simplest food we find on our tables. And it also shows that modern slavery continues to exist even in today's world.

  • Türkei
  • 00:81:00
  • Director: Kazim Oz
  • Production: Kazim Oz
  • Photography: Kazim Oz, Semih Yildiz
  • Editing: Kazim Oz, Semih Yildiz
  • Sound: Selahattin Mardin
  • Languages: ku,tr
  • Subtitles: en
  • Year: 2014