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Thursday, November 12th 2015 AT 21:45 h, Filmladen
Oh Yeah. Berlin. Makers from the Berlin Subculture

Oh Yeah. Berlin. Makers from the Berlin Subculture

Lots of young tourists dive into the famous club and party life of the German capital. They’re looking for wonder, celebration, dancing and especially this particular Berlin spirit. OH YEAH. BERLIN. portrays artists inside of the Berlin alternative and club scene. Based on distinct motives and senses of individual freedom and creativity, they push and develop their projects. Money doesn’t matter, because there’s none. These folks characterize and reflect the peculiar but attracting lifestyle. An honest Berlin film, personal and real, partly filmed in places where no camera was allowed, yet.

  • Deutschland
  • 01:20:00
  • Director: Arndt aka Art Baumüller aka Bumiller
  • Production: Arndt Baumüller aka art bumiller
  • Photography: art bumiller
  • Editing: art bumiller
  • Music: Pilocka Krach, Kleintierschaukel, You&me - flume remix
  • Sound: Saskia Stephan
  • Languages: de
  • Year: 2015
  • Website
  • World Premiere