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Thursday, November 12th 2015 AT 17:15 h, Filmladen
Toto and his Sisters

Toto and his Sisters

Following his Emmy award-winning observational documentary (“The World according to Ion B“, 2010), Alexander Nanau brings us the astonishing family story of Toto (10), and his sisters, Ana (17) and Andreea (15). During their mother’s imprisonment, Toto passionately learns dancing, reading and writing, while his sisters try to keep the family together in a world that has long forgotten what the innocence of childhood should be. What happens when we discover that we can get more from life than our parents have to offer?

  • Rumänien
  • 01:33:00
  • Director: Alexander Nanau
  • Production: Bianca Oana, Valeriu Nicolae, Catalin Mitulescu, Marcian Lazar, Hanka Kastelicova, Carmen Harabagiu, Antony Root
  • Photography:  Alexander Nanau
  • Editing: Alexander Nanau, George Cragg, Mircea Olteanu
  • Music: 
  • Sound: Matthias Lempert, Florian Ardelean
  • Languages: ro
  • Subtitles: en
  • Year: 2014