The center piece of the Kassel Dokfest is the film program, divided into three sections:


Up to 16 contemporary media installations and sculptures by up-and-coming as well as well-known artists will be presented at the exhibition Monitoring.

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The DokfestLounge is not only the location for audiovisual performances by international artists, VJs and DJs but also the nocturnal meeting point for our guests after 10.30 pm.

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The Workshop symposium interfiction offers lectures, presentations and workshop-sessions concerning a yearly changing topic, which takes a closer look at the political, social and artistic aspects of the medium internet.

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This educational side program is aimed at school students from the 7th till the 13th grade as well as teachers. The project consists of special film programs as well as workshops about film analysis and criticism under the guidance of media educators.

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The DokfestForum offers panels, lectures and screenings that raise questions about the interfaces between film and art. During the daytime the DokfestForum as a festival meeting point will provide a café with a video library for accredited guests.

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With the Hessian University Film Day, the presentation of a European Film College and hands-on workshops and lectures, the Kassel Dokfest offers possibilities for further education, information on education opportunities and access to professional networks for (Hessian) up-and-coming filmmakers.

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Golden Hercules

The competition for the „Golden Hercules“ is open to all formats and genres presentable on a big screen. Space-oriented works and internet projects cannot be taken into consideration. The prize is sponsored by the Machbar GmbH, an agency for corporate communication with its head office in Kassel, and endowed with...


Jury 2012

Clemens Camphausen
Bettina Fraschke
Andreas Gehrke
Christina Schindler
Dennis Stein-Schomburg

Nominees 2012

Baoying Bilgeri (Henker), Johannes Brunnengräber, Karl Brunnengräber (Momenta 100 - 100 Tage Film), Tim Dünschede (Haltlos), Manuel Gerber (Leitpfosten), Aimo Gräve, Björn Wetzmüller (Testbild), Theresa Grysczok, Maike Koller, Monika Kostrzewa, Florian Maubach, Lukas Thiele, Daniel Maass, Uli Baumann (Regelnull), Benjamin Jungbluth (Meatballs), Nils Knoblich (From Dad To Son), Fabian Koppenhöfer (Fänger (Preview)), Christian Landrebe (Wenn Veränderung ängstigt), Sebastian Lörsch (Pari Pari L'état ce moi), Florian Maubach (Iki - Bis bald), Paula Mierzowsky (Animagic Intruder), Fabian Püschel (Duodezimalsystem), Maurice Quentin (Stereo), Julia Charlotte Richter (You Hear Something), Jan Riesenbeck (Sechster Sinn, drittes Auge, zweites Gesicht), Franka Sachse (Das Ende der Welt), Hendrik Maximilian Schmitt (Ferngesteuert), Ralf Stadler (Die Geschichte vom Bart meines Vaters), Klaus Stern (Spielerberater), Lukas Thiele, Albert Warth, Johannes Rieder, Paul Mayer (Stephan Kubiczek), Catrine Val (COMMODITY FETISHISM), Stefan Vogt (Gott kommt), Stefan Vogt (Warum hasst jeder Autos), Clara Winter (Mika), Elisabeth Zwimpfer (Tote Fische)

Award winners

2012 Jan Riesenbeck: Sixth Sense, Third Eye, Second Sight

2011 Dennis Stein-Schomburg: Andersartig
2010 Olaf Saumer: Suicide Club
2009 Thomas Majewski: Verborgen in Schnuttenbach
2008 Nico Sommer: Stiller Frühling
2007 Marta Malowanczyk: Marla
2006 Hyekung Jung: Drawing the Line
2005 Matthias Stockloew (Ütz): Grosse Kinder
2004 Héctor Jesús Gutiérrez Rodriguez: Ese es mi chama? Das ist mein Junge
2003 Salah Ahmed El Oulidi: Die Andalusische Nacht
2002 Christoph Steinau: Kommt alles Anders
2001 Holger Ernst: Kleine Fische