The center piece of the Kassel Dokfest is the film program, divided into three sections:


The exhibition Monitoring shows contemporary media installations and other time-based media works by up-and-coming as well as well-known artists

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The DokfestLounge is not only the location for audiovisual performances by international artists, VJs and DJs but also the nocturnal meeting point for our guests after 10.30 pm.

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The Workshop symposium interfiction offers lectures, presentations and workshop-sessions concerning a yearly changing topic, which takes a closer look at the political, social and artistic aspects of the medium internet.

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The educational side program is aimed at school students from the 8th till the 13th grade as well as teachers. The project consists of special film programs as well as workshops about film analysis and criticism under the guidance of media educators.

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The artist talks, lectures and screenings of the DokfestForum raise questions about the interfaces between film and art.

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With the Hessian University Film Day, the presentation of a European Film College and hands-on workshops and lectures, the Kassel Dokfest offers possibilities for further education, information on education opportunities and access to professional networks for (Hessian) up-and-coming filmmakers.

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A38-Production-Grant Kassel-Halle

For the 34th edition of the Kassel Dokfest, the junges dokfest: A38 Production-Grant Kassel-Halle sets its link to the young audience. For the grant, the selection committee of the festival nominates a maximum of 19 works from the festival programme, primarily from the junges dokfest section. In addition to that, three adolescents are part of the jury to assess whether the films appeal to a young audience. The grant aims to promote artistic films and media talents and to give a young audience an understanding of documentaries.

The grant is awarded from the long-term cooperation partners Kassel Dokfest, Werkleitz – Center for Media Art, the Medienanstalt Sachsen-Anhalt (regulatory authority for commercial broadcasting in Saxony-Anhalt) and the Regulatory Authority for Commercial Broadcasting in Hesse. The four “mentors” stand for the promotion of cultural cinematic works and media art as well as for teaching media literacy. The scholarship, which lasts for two months, is endowed with up to 3,000 € for accomodation and up to 1,000 € for travel costs. Additionally, the grant receiver is granted another 4,000 € allowance in kind, which can for example be used for modern HD production equipment at Werkleitz – Center for Media Art, which also provides professional and logistical advice.

The grant receiver is free to choose the topic of the work to be produced, whereby the new  cinematographic work should in particular interest and delight the young audience. In the best case it can be used for the artistic and media educational work with adolescents.

For more information: www.werkleitz.de.

Jury 2017

Benjamin Kahlmeyer

Christian Klisan

Ruth Annette Schriefers

Peter Zorn

Youth Jury 2017

Linus Peterson

Paul Schürholz

Sarah Wegener

Award winners

2017 Reber Dosky: Radio Kobanî

2016 Benjamin Kahlmeyer: Eisen

2015 Khaldiya Jibawi: Another Kind of Girl

2014 Guido Hendrikx: Escort

2013 Patrick Richter: Neununddreißig

2012 Marc Schmidt: De Regels van Matthijs

2011 Léo Médard: Tao m'a dit…

2010 Kara Blake: The Delian Mode

2009 Hannes Lang: Leavenworth, WA

2008 Joanna Rytel: To Think Things You Don’t Want to

2007 Anne-Kristin Jahn: Generation Model

2006 Jürgen Brügger, Jörg Haaßengier: Kopfende Haßloch

2005 Curtis Burz: VIRGINia

2004 Britt Dunse: Norden

2003 Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay: Live to tell

2002 Oliver Husain: Q

2001 Florian Thalhofer: Korsakow Syndrom

Nominees 2017

Ayo Akingbade (Tower XYZ), Sena Basoz (Doktor Ol, Hemşirelik Yap, Be the Doctor, Practice Nursing), Julia Charakter (moya babushka i ejo molotshnyj indiskij gribok, Grandmother and Her Indian Milkfungus). Sylvain Cruiziat, Mila Zhluktenko (Find Fix Finish), Reber Dosky (Radio Kobanî), Marc Eberhardt (Meuthen‘s Party), Rabelle Erian, Camille Tricaud (Couz), Benjamin Hameury (Let there Be Night), Susanne Helmer (Melanie), Dominikos Ignatiadis (Village Potemkin), Anna Kindermann (Mutter man hat dich vom Sockel gestossen, Mother They Kicked You off the Pedestal), Volker Köster (Wo Feuer ist, ist auch Rauch, Where there Is Fire, there Is Smoke), Daniel Kötter (Hashti Tehran), Suli Kurban (Bruchstücke einer deutschen Geschichte), Elisa May (Vendeplov – Portrait eines seltenen Feldsports), Marian Mayland (Eine Kneipe auf Malle, A Bar on Majorca), Anna Pichura (D.O.M.), Nicolaas Schmidt (Final Stage [The Time for all but Sunset - BGYOR]), Slawomir Witek (Ostatni sezon, Last Season)